I Love Dunstable

Meet the Team

Kerrie Kerrie Duggan lived and worked in Dunstable for 30 years. She has a passion for campaign work and giving something back. She still spends much time in Dunstable as all of her family and friends are there. Having most recently been a creative consultant for numerous clients, including: Parliamentary, Lynne Franks and various charities. Kerrie also taught several hundred Dunstable children and still continues to be inspired by them to this day. She hopes that this will in-turn inspire them right back.

Lisa Millard was born in Dunstable and grew up here amongst friends and family. She still lives in the town centre and has worked at SCA for ten years. She still enjoys socialising in the town and feels that there is still good hope of a revival and with the cooperation al everyone – it is achievable, sooner than we think! Lisa

Corrine Corrine Barrett was born and educated in Dunstable. She now works in the town and has two children who attend Dunstable Schools. Her primary objective in regards to the campaign is to promote and organise events which reflect the creativity of Dunstable.

Tamzin Martin grew up in the town, attending Downside, Streetfield and Manshead schools. She has worked for "Regtransfers Ltd" for the last 7 years, a company established in the town for the last 25 years. She has a 9 year old son and is a proud Dunstablian, with a strong belief in community and wishes to make a difference! Tamzin

Rebecca Rebecca Scott is a mother of two and was born, raised and schooled in Dunstable. "Dunstable has been good to me so I want to do it some good, by helping it become the fun place I remember it once was. I have made some excellent life-long friends and enjoy living here". Her goal is to bring back the smiles and laughter and to bring the town into a new place where there is fresh opportunity and optimism.

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