I Love Dunstable

About us / our ethos

I Love Dunstable Team is a mixed group of people who share a passion for the town in which they have grown up in. They share a nostalgic love for the places and the people and also hold a vision for the future generations. The I Love Dunstable Team are a collective who are certain that Dunstable will not die and that it's people will not let it do so.
We are holding regular events in the hope to chat to people out and about and to bring a smile to people's faces.  It really is as simple as that.  We are working on developing this website which we hope will inspire the people and enhance our community.  This will be achieved by meeting up on a regular basis and getting the word out there that we do love our town but we shouldn't take things for granted!  We always have fun whilst doing it, look out for us! Meet The Team